Moms and finance gurus

Sometimes it is not easy and we want to help them manage family finances as experts in the field.

Save every day for future contingencies 


Start by taking a piggy bank and save some money there every night, how often you over, no matter the amount, can be 25, 50 or 100 pesos, but that is daily and final of month Take those resources to a bank account, that account can give you a symbolic name, such as the clavito or cochinito.

Take a budget of income and expenses 


It is not the same to think that everything is fine, to see on paper and pencil that really everything is fine. If you want to manage household finances at an expert level you must be disciplined and the budget is a good tool, as it will help you stay focused and know when it is time to postpone consumption.

Learn to use the credit card 

Learn to use the credit card 

Credit cards are a financial tool that allows you to make purchases today and pay for them in the future. Each card has a cut-off date, payment deadline and a credit amount that are unique. It is very important that you have very clear these three aspects so that you manage according to the family budget and know how much you can consume and wait for the cutoff date, so, you avoid making consumptions that you cannot pay in the future.

Avoid having many financial products 

There are moments in life when abundance knocks at your door and so too, there are times when you can see yourself a little more forced. In abundance you will tend to accept many financial products that become an escape valve in difficult times.

You should avoid falling into this and it is better that you handle with few products, but in the same bank, because it is easier for your bank to increase the limit of your credit card by your good handling and consumption level, to take a little from here and there and you should here and there. Your exposure to credit increases and you are very likely to get over debt.


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