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In an extremely complex period like the one in which we live, full of fiscal restrictions and low liquidity, the search for innovative financial instruments becomes a real need. Using innovative financial instruments today helps to find the necessary funding to be able to implement strategic investments in some of the key sectors of our economy, such as the environment and digital technologies; for SMEs.

It is also a procedure for obtaining support in accessing credit

It is also a procedure for obtaining support in accessing credit

Italian companies, in particular, have highlighted a weakness in the structure and a visceral dependence on bank credit, too easily excluding other alternative funding, such as the minibond market. The legislation is decidedly vast and must be analyzed in relation to the individual needs of the company.

We talk about innovative startups 


Today, in particular, we talk about innovative startups (art. 25 DL 179/2012) and innovative SMEs (Art. 4 DL 3/2015), which are registered in a particular section of the business register and are in possession of details requirements. For these types of companies, civil, labor and tax concessions are provided: they can offer the public quotas, they have interesting facilities for permanent employment (tax credit) and a fixed amount, they enjoy a reduction in the costs of starting up activities, investment incentives, exclusion from income, for recipients of stock option plans and for financial instruments issued for the contribution of works and services (work for equity).

There are also particular facilitations in accessing credit with the intervention of the Central Guarantee Fund (up to 80% on bank loans up to 2.5 million euro), for raising capital online with the equity crowdfunidng formula, attractiveness for national and foreign investors, thanks to further tax breaks and tailored assistance from the ICE agency.

Invest in innovative companies and use innovative financial instruments?


Because today a company with the characteristics highlighted above has a well-structured business plan that has already received favors and consents. They often welcome professional investors, such as banking foundations or certified incubators; they are already accredited by the media, welcome and manage a community of followers, who are updated in real time on any news or on the progress of the work.

The economy can in a sense be driven by innovation and based essentially on merit, talent and creativity. The new entrepreneurial class is more concrete, mature and, in a sense also democratic.

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